DayMarch 5, 2020

What to Look For in an Online Dating Site

What to Look For in an Online Dating Site

It seems like there are a bajillion dating websites on the internet making it pretty hard to distinguish the good from the bad.  Some sites are completely free to register with while others charge a premium fee every month.  Whether you opt for the free version or want more features that come with a paid version there are some qualities that every dating site should have.  Let’s take a look at them now.

Respect for Your Privacy

Like all of us you probably have an inbox filled with spam, most of that came from vendors selling your email address and dating sites can be notorious for selling your information.  That is how many of the free online dating services stay in business, they sell their email lists so they can offer free services.  This is the last thing you want.  Only sign up with companies that will respect your privacy.

Dating Profiles

Some of the free dating sites limit what you can put on your own profile or they limit what you can see on another profile.  Here is an example, some sites won’t let you indicate the type of relationship you’re looking for, be it casual dating or something more serious.  Others will hide profiles you may be interested in unless you’re will to pay the monthly subscription fees.  At the same time you want to be cautious of sites with a lot of fake profiles on them, they create fake profiles to make the site look busier than it is.  Here is a look at how that works.

Search Features

You want to be able to search other profiles to find someone that you might potentially want to meet.  You should be able to use a variety of filters including location, age, similar interests just to name a few.  It will keep you from wasting time searching through hundreds of profiles that aren’t what you are looking for.

Messaging Options

Once you find a profile that interests then you need a way to communicate with that person.  A dating site should have a couple of features that allow you to do that.  Most have some type of messaging system to get started, but it should also have a chat option.  Some sites make this a premium option, that means if you want to chat you have to pay.

If you’re looking for a new dating site to try out it should have these four features at the very least, if it doesn’t then keep looking.